MATIVY Management offers skilled management services in order for you to confidently master the challenges ahead:


When companies in your portfolio must simply deliver better results in order to survive or thrive in the marketplace.

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MATIVY Turnaround management

is based on a hands-on approach and total commitment to your goals. We align the skills of your existing team and focus them to achieve the targets fast and reliably. Structured communication guarantees you complete transparency over the turaround progress.

MATIVY international experience guarantees you that MATIVY experts will hit the ground running in following industries:    

  1. Packaging and Paper Production

  2. Automotive

  3. Electrical Energy Infrastructure

Our regional experience and coolness under fire is crucial in bridging the cultural differences an will help you to find the right approach in Austrian, German, Italian,  Czech, Slovak, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian and Macedonian companies. We do connect well the Nordic discipline with the Mediterranean creativity.

M & A

Buy side: M&A target evaluation, post merger integration or simply performance guidance to the new levels may all profit profit from proven track record of M&A experienced managers. The sell side typically profits through professional level management presentation skills ensuring a solid investor´s buy-in .    


builds upon the experience of MATIVY experts ensuring candid and down to the point communication with a foresight. With MATIVY input you gain an insight beyond the obvious. With us you see what is awaiting you around the corner. 

Local knowledge and recognition of cultural differences help you to increase corporate value before the asset disposal or prepare well for the post merger integration and full achievement of planned synergies. Mature MATIVY personalities transform even the most difficult personnel planning decisions into trusted process of organisational development.

Typically MATIVY experts have transformed following challenging transactions into a sustainable success:

  1. Post merger personnel upgrade and development leading to a sustainable & multiple performance increase

  2. Enabled professional and swift disposal of stressed assets at attractive conditions

  3. Facilitated an engagement of new investor during a highly political & fragile chapter 11 settlement proceedings

Our understanding of the financial industry paired with industrial background of MATIVY experts builds a bridge for a prompt passage from a transition state into a highly performing business as usual. 

It happens that the current debt becomes unsustainable. In such cases restructuring of debtor finances and operations by experienced albeit previously uninvolved management ensures a critical interest balance of all stakeholders: lenders, debtor, customers, suppliers and employees. 


sports a proven track record for lenders and debtors alike. Coolness under fire, integrityfairness and relentless focus on maximising the overall outcome of the dire proceedings ensures that MATIVY engagement is highly appreciated by all the involved parties.

Throughly understanding the responsibilities of finance industry and profound comprehension of restructuring sensitivity of industrial companies yields maximised outcomes.

MATIVY experts have helped following clients to turn a disaster into a relief:

  1. An internationally involved bad bank to dispose its bad assets fast - in half of the expected time

  2. Publicly listed company going through a chapter 11 proceedings to restructure its debt with a consortium of 15 lenders and to gain a new investor

Our complete integrity is instrumental in gaining immediate acceptance of all the stakeholders. However staying realistic and connected to conflicting interests enables us to broker the best possible deal. Being well connected as well as respected by politicians and trade unions alike, has proven to be an additional asset. Particularly in the central european countries.  


Sometimes there might be just too much on your desk to handle it alone. Get yourself a professional help of an experienced interim manager that can help you to keep all the balls in the air. 

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As long as your project falls into one of our expertise industries: packaging, paper production, automotive or electricity energy infrastructure MATIVY experts will evaluate your problem together with you and suggest appropriate terms of engagement. Our international network paired with focus on results ensures implementation of projects even against the prejudices of conventional wisdom.

Typical interim projects provenly mastered by MATIVY experts:   

  1. Liquidity improvement, cash race projects

  2. Headcount reduction projects

  3. Product portfolio restructuring

  4. Supply chain streamlining

  5. Implementation of six sigma, HACAP, BRC, PDCA, kaizen processes and standards

Curiosity, learning appetite and no-nonsense MATIVY attitude, paired with industry and geography expertise will make any reasonable project challenge a peace of cake. Hire us, you will enjoy it.